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We're all mad here *・゚✧*・゚✧
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We're all mad here *・゚✧*・゚✧


Usually band members enforce their fans to buy their music…then there’s Brendon Urie

  • me: do ur homework
  • me: no


The biggest tragedy of Doctor Who for me is the fact that Jack never met the Ponds.

I mean, he would have liked Eleven and Amy.


He would have PURSUED Rory to the ends of the universe, and Rory would just be really confused and Amy would get super overprotective

"Captain Jack Harkness, and who are you?"


can you understand why I need this


'what is happiness to you?'

this gif of a toucan going down the stairs


Dentist pulled the tooth out yesterday. But it’s always a good idea to demonstrate to your coworkers that you are capable of withstanding a tremendous amount of pain.

Plus it’s always fun to see Tom faint.

Will you shut the fuck up? We’re trying to watch TV.

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